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Discordia Expands Downward

Mountain Scene

Yes, the rumors are true. After months of speculation on the forums and a series of what one critic described as “infuriatingly vague hints,” (Sorry!) we can finally reveal the whereabouts of our soon to be in-game, explorable area. Where, do we hear you shouting? Right under your feet, where it’s been the whole time. The new expansion was confirmed at CompuCon last week, where lead designer, Jeff Denver, and WWE artist, Kevin Chris made the big announcement during a Graphics and Interface panel. Read on for the transcript and watch this space for more specific information as the release date approaches.

    JEFF: Many fans of Discordia have already guessed accurately about the new area, so this probably won’t be as big as a surprise as we wanted it to be. [Laughter]

    KEVIN: The intelligence of our players is one of the things that makes designing new places in Discordia so fun, but it also makes it hard to keep a secret. You guys are sharp! [Catcalling] So yeah, we’ll confirm: in the very near future, players will be able to enter a new underground space beneath Liander.

    JEFF: One of the things that’s so exciting about the new area is that its multi-faceted. There’s a new starter area for zombies, since yes, we did hear the criticism about the previous starter quests being too boring—[Laughter] –and there’s also a number of new dungeons to conquer with your friends. So players are not just getting some new scenery; you’re really getting a whole new dimension to the gameplay.     KEVIN: With the underground area, we really wanted to keep the dark, gothic feel that the zombies are associated with. It’s a bit of a balancing act, because we want to keep Discordia as accurate as possible, yet create an environment that zombie fans will recognize and enjoy--something that’s exciting to look at. I really think we’ve done that here. I think this is something that the gamers are going to really love, and all of us here at WorldsWithoutEnd are so excited to get it out to you guys and let you play around with it.

[More coverage of the panel as well as more news on Discordia and future expansions as discussed at the Con will be available soon.]

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Critics Rave about Discordia: the Eleventh Dimension

Mountain Scene

Industry analysts predict  a record-breaking turn-out for the highly-anticipated MMORPG, Discordia: the Eleventh Dimension.Many gamers have been on the waiting list ever since it opened seven months ago, and anticipation has been running so high that scores of people have been hanging around the offices and homes of computer game reviewers, hoping to intercept the mail. (That's a felony, people --- in case you didn't know.) We can't make the midnight launch happen any sooner, but we can share what some of gaming's toughest critics are saying.

"Mind-boggling real" -  Alex Rossitano, Jack Games

"So addictive, it should have a warning label!" - Max Strid, MindPool Studios

"When you're ready to stop playing games, get Discordia: the Eleventh Dimension, from WorldsWithoutEnd, Ltd., Virtual life will never be the same." -Matt Keats, Septic Magazine

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Video Game Launch Brings Chaos, Crowds

Crowded Scene

Retail outlets nationwide report crowds, chaos, and record sales at the midnight launch of Discordia: the Eleventh Dimension, from WorldsWithoutEnd, Ltd. Discordia is the newest contender in the crowded field of massively multiplayer online games, and industry watchers are eager to see if consumer response will continue to drive sales momentum.

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Discordia Wins Editor's Choice Award

Award Ribbon

Game Head magazine has given the Editor's Choice Award to Discordia: the Eleventh Dimension, calling it, "The Best PC Game of the Year."

"There are plenty of excellent games out there, but Discordia is the only one with Realtime Interface Technology," says editor-in-chief Nils Sondegarde. "With other MMO's, repetition and practice will yeild success, but you end up feeling like a lab rat who gets a snack whenever it presses a button. Real life is never that predictable, and neither is Discordia. Discordia is fresh, well-designed, and dangerously addictive--we loved it, and we know our readers will, too."

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WorldsWithoutEnd Keeps Discordia an Elf-free Zone

Award Ribbon

Imperiled world: check. Two warring factions: check. Evil sorceress: check. Druids, monsters, zombies: check. Elves? Not on your (Discordian) life.

Discordia: the Eleventh Dimension has maintained its #1 spot for ten weeks in a row, but fans of the MMORPG keep asking one question: "Dude, when can I play an elf?" Short answer? Never. According to Tim Welsh, media liason for WorldsWithoutEnd, "Every other game has a playable Elf race, but it's not compulsory. WorldsWithoutEnd believes that a game should reflect reality, and there are no elves in Discordia."

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Replacement content

Lop-Eared Rabbit


A new non-combat pet has been introduced to Discordia, and they’re breeding like bunnies--which is appropriate, since that’s exactly what they are. Druid folk call them bunyas, but in Perdition, we just call them rodents. Basically, they’re cute, fluffy, and available as a drop in low-level instances everywhere.


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